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    What exactly is fine dining? According to Wikipedia: Fine dining restaurants are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. There will be certain dress code to abide by guests, there will be certain standards of dining ambience as the restaurants feature high-quality tableware and interiors.

    Every year, a team of about 80 Michelin inspectors fan out all over the globe to evaluate restaurants all over the world. For Summer Pavilion, Chef Cheung and his team are thriving year after year through these Michelin’s stringent standards. While some restaurants are handing back their Michelin stars back to these inspectors, the team keeps the One Michelin Star for last 8 years. That’s an amazing record!

    Is Summer Pavilion worth a trip down at The Ritz Carlton Singapore? The impressive Signature Lunch Menu (SGD$248 per pax) showcases notable highlights of Chef Cheung’s expertise – making of double-boiled soups. Like the whelk soup with premium fish maw, nostoc algae and chicken, it is very experimental in terms of flavors, textures and ingredients. It is an elegant bowl of double-boiled soup. Another key highlight that scored through our meal would be his signature lobster pao fan.

    Chef Cheung acts not just behind the doors of the kitchen, but he has been active to connect with diners or regular guests. He powers through endless efforts of blending modern cooking techniques and traditional tastes of Chinese cuisine as these driving factors result with its consistent record of having 1 Star Michelin.

    For some notable modern dishes like marinated smoked duck with tea leaves and poached rice with lobster meats, there is a thoughtful approach between traditional Chinese food culture and modern cooking.

    A successful award-winning restaurant is not just about fine food or dining. Chef Cheung’s luscious and delicious broths and dishes are well blended with his team of talents who put good food with gastronomic experiment together.

    Review Rating: 9/10

    Summer Pavilion (The Ritz Carlton Singapore)

     7 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039799

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