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AsiaStyle.Asia is a curator of local and regional lifestyle indulgences ranging from living, travel, fashion, dining to entertainment must-dos across Asia. As an aspiring Singaporean portal, we offer a platform to showcase and support many great SME brand stories as well.

Kathleen Zhu

AsiaStyle.asia is founded by Kathleen Zhu, who enjoys writing, travel and food. It looks like a mixed bag of talents, interestingly, she can apply these into showcasing a greater depth of the dining or living story. She enjoys the moments of knowing any brand story or dining client with more extensive knowledge, in presenting the stories with a greater voice.

Jason H

A traveller and gourmand with a taste for fresh experiences; nothing stands in Jason’s way in sourcing for the latest lifestyle picks from food to fashion. And always in the mood for exploration, but with a keen proximity to reality (there’s only so much money one has), he scours for great value with unforgettable experiences that will leave him craving for more.

Fiona Cher

Fiona is a free spirited adventurer who never stays in a single place for too long. Always on the lookout for the next destination, her exploration has taken her to some of the most exotic locations around the world. This keen-eyed epicurean also has a passion for photography. Her visual stories feature her recommendations on luxury, gourmet and travel.

Cedric Tang

A third generation restaurateur and a trained PR practitioner; Cedric is an ex-Team Singapore sportsman. From sports to fashion and lifestyle, he has a varied interest and a passion for writing. When he is not in the gym keeping fit, he enjoys spending time at the movies and catching up with friends.

Jeremy Goh

Not having aged mentally past his mid 20s, Jeremy pursues stories as excitedly as a schoolboy who just cut classes and is running to the gates. Always willing to experiment, to get out there and to get his hands dirty, he will get the meat and potatoes of the story and a little more.

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